In recent competitive environment, every School/College/Academy

needs innovative solutions for the management of the Institute that easily integrate to its system. They need flexible and efficient software that can increase the institutions’ agility and optimize productivity of the institute all while lowering their total cost of ownership. We ensure the best experience for every institution.

We, PaperMaker, is a software house that deals in software

related to education. Currently our two software are actively performing in the Pakistani market.

PAPER MAKER is software that reduces the hectic routine of management of

educational institutes for generating question papers. Firstly they have to contact subject teachers to compile a question paper. After that, the composing process starts. Then proofreading is a waste of time and energy. PAPER MAKER reduces all your efforts in this regard.

Campus Manager is an Online School Management Software that is made

with the intention to facilitate the Educational Institute owners to manage it with complete ease. It is designed user-friendly so that a common internet user with a little knowledge of educational institutes’ affairs can handle & get reports of all modules. This software is created by STARS PUBLICATIONS.

You can also find us on www.campusmanager.online


With PAPER MAKER, you can create question papers of class

PG to Intermediate according to Single National Curriculum (SNC). This software offers you two method for generating question paper

i. Automatic generation of Question Papers

ii. Manual generation of Question Papers

In Automatic method, you have to mention just Class, Subject and Chapters from which you want to generate question paper. System automatically generates question papers for you. In manual method, all questions of your required chapters are shown in front of you, so you can choose the question yourself.


We are service providers to hundreds of schools, academies and publishing houses

User-Friendly Interface

Our software is designed with a user-friendly interface, to operate it efficiently.

Easy to use

Minimal training required, even for less savvy users

Multilingual Support

Our question generator supports multiple languages, allowing you to create questions in multi languages

Great support

Friendly and professional staff who are ready to help you